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Whole Class PPA Music Lessons


GCSE Teaching Solutions

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Rock & Pop PPA TV

"The most cost effective solution"

We are proud to deliver the first tried and tested online

contemporary PPA Music TV solution for whole class lessons on Guitar Keyboard & Ukulele


A simple license agreement is set up on a termly basis for provision of services & delivered once a week through our interactive Live TV channel to ensure streaming at a time to suit your school.


Online Teacher Assistant training is given to every school  as well as access to our secure accredited courses and videos.


Instrument hire or buy available. 

Students guaranteed to be fully engaged with a live & interactive qualified music instructor.


All instruments available as a one term or one year


For more information please email

Rock & Pop GCSE TV

Key Features

  • Contemporary  band arrangements for Guitar Drums Keys Piano and Bass

  • Accredited DBS tutor Live online delivered via Zoom direct to your classroom

  • Cost-effective solution to GCSE composition for schools and students support

  • Simple, repeatable format with 5 part sample compositions on Guitar Drums Keyboard and Bass  

  • Fully published scheme of work with backing tracks to practice at home

  • Access via Smart Board with additional weekly video lessons

  • Full flexibility with pricing agreements set up on a termly basis


  Live shows are scheduled to take place daily, allowing plenty of flexibility for the school and students.

“The host classroom for GCSE will need access to a smart board with webcam as the sessions are delivered via ZOOM”


Weekly Classroom seminars are scheduled in 35 minute blocks £30 per week.

£9.99 per week for top up home learning courses per discipline per week.


For more information please email

As Featured In Music Teacher Magazine

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